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The Good in our Wood!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

At thinkFOUND we are Scaffold wood obsessed. We love the stuff and here’s the reason why:

The reclaimed scaffolding boards we use are made of European Whitewood (sometimes referred to as silver fir or Norway spruce). European Whitewood is is a medium density soft wood which is low in weight. It is sturdy and long lasting and therefore suitable for load baring uses, hence the use as scaffolding boards.

But that’s not all. Scaffolding planks need to be regularly changed by construction companies for safely reasons and therefore instead of being abandoned or burnt on a landfill, they get a new lease of life such as for a thinkFOUND table! This means no new trees are cut for our tables and its energy consumption is low because the wood is sourced from the local area as a waste product.

In the workshop the timber is one of the safest wood materials to work with. And at home the wood does not emit any pollutants like other timbers. Scaffold boards also have a long lifespan; although it is a softwood it is one of the stronger softwoods there is and makes for sturdy furniture.

If ever the day comes and its time to say goodbye to your reclaimed [wood] table, the top can be easily reused. For example it can be re-engineered into other items such as benches, shelves or fuel. In this respect it is a durable material that remains environmentally friendly and can live several lives.

An here endeth the eco joys of scaffold boards.

To compare Scaffold wood to any other wood check out this excellent website which has archived the environmental positives and negative of wood types.

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