thinkFOUND is a furniture organisation with a difference. Located in our East London workshop we dont just make custom made tables from the waste product of scaffold boards with a turnaround of 6-8 working days... we are also a Not For Profit work experience platform for young persons frustrated with a lack of meaningful work experience. At thinkFOUND young people are given the opportunity to seek structured employment, a change in career and a work reference with mentoring.


Our organisation is set up as a Social Enterprise designed to give opportunities to those furthest from the employment market. We provide an individually tailored platform for people to learn skills, acquire qualifications and enhance employment prospects in a supportive, friendly environment.

thinkFOUND was born out of a love for simple, stylish furniture and a growing concern for our throw-away culture along with a lack of opportunities for social mobility within our society. We make use of 'FOUND' materials often the byproducts of other industries which then go into the waste stream If it were not for our skilled team which convert these materials into beautiful made to order pieces of furniture.


Our inspiration draws from local innovator, William Morris; a designer, social activist and pioneering environmentalist. Morris believed human beings can transform society and themselves by the virtues of beauty and function.

thinkGREEN The wood we use comes from businesses that are getting rid of unwanted wood, which would have otherwise become landfill or burnt. At thinkFOUND, we believe in reusing discarded wood rather than purchasing new timber. We use environmentally safe, non toxic and eco friendly oils and waxes to treat and finish our furniture. Our furniture is void of toxic petrochemical pollutants and high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

thinkSOCIAL We are setting up the thinkFOUNDATION working with various organisations building on previous work that has given young people a chance to learn new skills and valuable experience. We have in the past worked with young and disadvantaged persons of the borough - offering experience and skills in all areas of the business; design, production, marketing and running of the enterprise.

thinkFUTURE Going forward we aim to develop existing partnerships and create new relationships to progress the circular economy within the borough of Waltham Forest. We genuinely believe in William Morris’s words on Fellowship being the way forward. With this said, thinkFOUND would like to be more than just a business, we would like to develop talent and be a place where not just our business grows, but so do the people we work with.



thinkFOUND'er Chris